Eat What’s Right

People forget the importance of food and how big of an impact it has on how you feel all through out the day and even how you sleep, how you look. A bad diet can only result in bad skin, bad hair, fixed with irons and hairdresser and hair straightening tools, not understanding that you can only run so far until things catch up with you, your keratin treatment and hairstylist isn’t going to look that good with bad skin and clogged arteries. Here in San Diego it’s almost forced that you have to look good, be in shape, with clean skin and perfect full hair, so do it and do it clean. We’ve been caught up and fed all these lies from commercials and billboards in our face every where we turn, fast food this and dollar menus and family value meals, but at who’s expense.


Good Fat, Bad Fat

Now we all know that the fast food and take out is so easy these days, it’s quick, it’s easy and there’s no clean up. What people don’t understand is how unhealthy it is for you, for your kids. Now I’m personally 34 years old and remember seeing McDonalds, Carls Jr and all kinds of other fast foods on every corner and as a kid wanting to eat there any chance we had, thankfully we were not exactly poor but we didn’t have enough money to go out and eat out all the time, again thankfully. However I remember seeing a lot of my friends and people around the neighborhood that would eat out all the time, see their kids my age always walking around drinking sodas and fruit punch, fat little kids with silver teeth. I don’t mean to be crude, but this is what I saw and still see today and It’s not their fault.

Parents Need To Take Control

Parent’s opt to take the easy way out or do exactly what their parents did, not even seeing what bad health they themselves are in, overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer etc., etc., I mean the list goes on, not to mention the everyday difficulties of feeling sluggish, lazy, shortness of breath. All these are the result of over processed foods and fast foods over packed with preservatives and trans fats made up of hydrogenated oils. What are you going to do when your 13 year old daughter wants a Brazilian blow dry or a keratin, only to realize all this can be achieved through a clean diet. Have you ever cleaned out the car after a long time and found a french fry or piece of hamburger that fell on the floor or in between the seats?, notice how it still looks the same!! Doesn’t matter how long that thing has been laying around nothing is going to eat it, not even mold or bacteria, now why in the world would you want to put this in your body or worse your children’s. I think people have forgotten the importance of food, the importance of teaching our children, the importance of eating natural foods, not just your fruits and vegetables, but incorporating all meats, poultry and fish in to their meals. Vital vitamins and nutrients